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Kymisala Wellness uses integrative nutrition therapy to help restore nervous system health and the mind body connection.

The mind body connection becomes the link between your thoughts, perceptions, and your physical body.

When given the right tools and support, your mind and body can  heal itself.

Food and nutrition are powerful mind body tools that address underlying metabolic or gastrointestinal disturbances impacting your nervous system and mental health.

collection of essential nutrients support the nervous system to do what it is meant to do, for you. Fueling your purpose and your experience in life. 

Here you can access expert advice personalized to you all while getting the support you need to empower your transformation. 

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Little plates designed to restore and nourish the nervous system. With the nutrition strategies outlined in this guide, you can work towards improving your mind body health at the source

Nutrition Programs

  • empowering your personal transformation

  • when things change inside you the world changes around you

  • restoring balance at the root

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