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Kristin Tsorotes MPH, RDN

 HI, I'm Kristin  

 I am a practicing Nutritionist and the founder of Kymisala Wellness. Through nutrition therapy and psychological wellness practices, I work to restore the mind body connection. My mission is to support you as the whole person and empower you to live a healthy and happy life.


After battling with my own anxiety and depression for too long, I decided to stop outsourcing my health. 

I wasn’t getting anywhere with a pill that sedated me, changed my personality, and my body. Instead, I regained my power and I learned how to heal myself. I always believed in the power of food, botanicals, and lifestyle to support my own body’s ability to heal itself. 


I went back to university for a second time, received my degree in nutrition, and became a licensed nutritionist. Now I could better understand the unique drivers behind my own symptoms and how I could heal them at their root. I had a few problems working against me- gut imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, and poor dna methylation- all played a profound effect on my nervous system. Setting me up for years of anxiety, panic, and depression. 


I became my own patient zero and discovered a pathway that brought me to feel myself again. Discovering this path to personal freedom has empowered me to help others heal at their root so they can feel themselves again too. 

For more than ten years now, I have helped people heal, transform, and restore themselves back to their balance. I have been mentored by and worked with some of the best functional medicine doctors and nutritionists in the world. Through my own experience and clinical training, I am here to show you how to heal yourself. Through healing foods, supplements, and mind body practices, I will guide you on your path back to personal freedom. 


Are you ready? ✨


Love, Kristin xo  

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