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Breaking Down Emotional Walls to Weight loss

Behind so many women’s struggle with their weight more often stands walls of unresolved psychological wounds and emotional traumas holding them back 🦋

Food can act as an unconscious way to cope or to control what remains psychologically and emotionally unhealed. When triggered, that emotional trauma rises back up to the surface intact revealing itself yet again. What we are seeking goes beyond the physical realm in these moments. Food merely becomes the next best available substitute for relief.

I actually look at a food binge as temper tantrum. It becomes a means to cope with that surfaced emotion, but it also becomes the most effective way for you to get what you want when you feel powerless over a situation or frustrated about feeling unheard.

Consider doing some self discovery throughout the day and ask yourself, is this a physical hunger I am feeling or is this an emotional hunger I am seeking to satiate. Keep in mind that harmonious eating goes in rhythm with your appetite by using your physical hunger and satiety cues to start and stop, rather than stress or emotions to soothe or release.

Breaking down that emotional wall may offer you the perspective you need to reclaim your physical balance and restore your wellbeing 🦋


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