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Botanical Medicine Spotlight: Mastic Gum

Do you know about mastic gum?? 🌳

Mastic gum or mastiha the natural resin or sap of the coniferous tree pistacia lentiscus which grows exclusively in the Aegean island of Chios. The resin is composed of a variety of essential oils (pinene, limonene, verbenol, myrcenol) shown to exhibit antiviral, antimicrobial, and anti inflammatory effects.

With these scientific discoveries, it is no surprise that mastic has been used medicinally since greek antiquity and is even considered the worlds first chewing gum. Hippocrates the father of medicine used what he called mastic ‘tears’ to aid digestive discomfort, colds, and as a breath freshener. 

Mastic gum is a powerful gastroprotective agent scientifically shown to:

🌿 Calm active inflammation associated with gastritis and Crohn’s disease

🌿 Alleviate unruly heart burn and indigestion

🌿 Act as an antimicrobial agent by killing pathogenic oral bacteria (so fresh and piney too!)

🌿 Have strong antiviral capacity, able to eradicate the gastric-ulcer causing virus H. Pylori

Mastic gum is a go to for me in some of my gut healing protocols because I find it to be so effective yet gentle, and of course all natural. I personally love its earthy, vanilla-like flavor and even more the fresh, piney, effervescent feeling it brings. Maybe you will too 💚


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