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The Limiting Beliefs That Hold You Back

Your existence is not about learning to accept reality, it is recognizing your power in creating it.

Although it happens behind the scenes, what you think and say to yourself will inevitably manifest in your life.

Now say that to yourself at least one more time.

Self limiting beliefs are unconscious perspectives you carry about yourself which ultimately prevent you from manifesting your true intentions and living your most authentic life.

Fear of judgement, rejection, failure, or not being good enough all create barriers from us achieving our goals and dreams.

The limiting self talk could sound like ...

👉🏻 If I make this mistake, I will never succeed

👉🏻 I don’t want people to think that I am _

👉🏻 I am fat and I will always be fat

👉🏻 I am going to fail so why bother trying

Moving beyond the safety of your comfort zone and fear-based beliefs, to a place which challenges you, will only prospect personal growth, nurture authenticity and liberate soulful desires.

Self observation is a human superpower. Try to tap into the internal monologue and start taking notes. Stand witness to the stories your ego tells you when you are triggered. Within this space is where personal empowerment takes shape and living your most wildest dreams can truly begin.


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