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Knowing Your Self Worth Is Your Superpower

It allows you to be seen, heard, and accepted by the person that matters most. You ✨

✨ You no longer absorb other people’s opinion of you as your own. You recognize that other people’s behavior has nothing to do with you, and is more of a deeper reflection of who they are.

✨ You no longer feel shame or guilt about a whole lot of things that had nothing to do with you or you did not create. The overriding urge to rescue and fix people or relationships no longer act as your driving force. Because of that, you are liberated from feeling inadequate when you alone are unable to produce the changes needed for that person or that relationship.

✨ You no longer fear judgement or rejection. Validation and managing how other people perceive you is no longer your necessity. Instead, you feel compelled to share your gifts with the world because you recognize their value.

✨ You no longer feel resentment because you are living authentically, for yourself and no one else. You no longer need to sabotage and abandon your own needs to please and appease others for their love and acceptance.

When you know your self worth, you allow your light to shine through, and suddenly the need to nurture your own self ends all others ✨


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