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POV: Okra The Unexpected Star

And a Grecian Gumbo with powerful mind body benefits

Until recently, okra was never on my grocery list. The texture was just too jarring- a coarse pod with a slimy inside that always left me perplexed and unsatisfied. Why am I eating this?

Then I came across a Greek Okra Stew. I decided to be open enough to give it a try. I was blown away at the flavor, the TEXTURE! I started playing around with okra in my dishes. Learning how to cook okra allowed me to develop this Grecian Gumbo for you.

The slimy inside acts as a thickener that when heated allows for all ingredients and flavors to blend together beautifully. It also takes on a rich, earthy depth of flavor the longer it is cooked.


Okra is indeed an unexpected star. When I dug into the research, I discovered the high nutritional quality of okra and how it can be used as a potent anti inflammatory and prebiotic. These are two strategies are used in nutritional psychiatry to decrease inflammation and support neurotransmitters. Eating foods that prevent and even combat inflammation in the body is an important strategy to regulate your nervous system.

The seeds carry powerful flavonoid and carotenoids like quercetin and lutein that are potent anti inflammatories with neuroprotective benefits. The slimy insides are actually special prebiotic fibers called polysaccharides discovered to nurture beneficial gut bugs, reduce systemic inflammation, and even help with symptoms of depression and anxiety.

This Grecian Gumbo is packed with anti inflammatory compounds. Not just the okra, but each vegetable offers its own therapeutic contribution to this dish.

Knowing how to cook vegetables (and make food as medicine) can truly change your life.



Food Source

Medicinal Benefit



Onions, Garlic

Anti Inflammatory



Okra Seed

Anti Inflammatory



Tomatoes (heated)

Anti Inflammatory




Anti Inflammatory

Inulin, Fructo oligosaccharides


Onions, Garlic

Microbiome Food