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Digestive Reset

Using integrative nutrition to restore balance

  • Online Session

Service Description

Digestive wellness is the foundation for good nutritional status and wellbeing. How well you are able to break down, absorb, utilize nutrients, and eliminate waste is essential to your health and vitality. This program seeks to help identify any digestive imbalances impacting your well being including IBS or SIBO/SIFO, leaky gut, reflux, inflammatory bowel, chronic constipation and diarrhea. After we meet, you will receive a personalized nutrition plan designed for you to address the imbalance and support the healing process. To effectively and sustainably restore your digestive health, we will remain connected for 3 months during which we will make adjustments as we need to along the way. WHAT YOU WILL GET: 90 Minute Comprehensive Session We will begin with a 1:1 video session discussing your medical history, diet, lifestyle, current symptoms, and circadian patterns. After this initial meeting, you will be sent a personalized plan including healing foods and supplement recommendations, medicinal recipes, mind body practices to integrate, tips, and referrals. Check In Sessions Twice per Month We will remain connected, making adjustments along the way, working through any challenges with your nutrition plan, issues in getting good sleep, or navigating feelings of anxiety and stress. Together we will get you on your path to digestive wellness. Medicinal Meal Plan Receive a medicinal meal plan with empowering recipes to restore and nurture your digestive health. These meals are quick, easy, and nutrient-rich, not to mention delicious!! Mind Body Practices Since digestive imbalances often affect mental health, you will also receive suggestions and templates for psychological wellness practices for you to integrate into your self care routine for a whole person approach. Ongoing Email Support Get my personal attention each step of the way. I’m on call to guide you as you navigate tricky situations and also join you as you celebrate all your wins. But mostly, I’ll help you learn to listen to your body and find a path towards a health happy mind body. 90 Minute Nutrition Consult: $375 3 Month Package: $1100

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To cancel or reschedule, please contact 24 hours in advance.

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